000 Astroinformatics – EOS CoLiTec

Astroinformatics Solution

Software for automatic multithreaded data processing of astrometric and photometric optical observations

Software functions

Intraframe processing

Brightness equalization and cosmetics
Frames segmentation
Parameters estimation of objects images
Matched filtering of images
Frames identification, astrometry, photometry

Interframe processing

Detection of objects with near-zero apparent motion
Fast-moving objects detection
Detection of moving objects in an average speed range
Accurate photometry

Inter telescopic processing

Passage calculations
Target indication
Orbital elements definition

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Our discoveries

EOS CoLiTec has assisted in making 1570 preliminary discoveries of asteroids and comets.
Trojan asteroids of Jupiter
Group of asteroids that are in the vicinity of the Lagrange points L4 and L5 of Jupiter in a 1:1 orbital resonance.
We have assisted in discovering 21 trojan asteroids.
We have assisted in discovering 4 comets:
(MPEC 2010-X101) C/2011 X1 (Elenin)
(MPEC 2011-O10) P/2011 NO1(Elenin)
(MPEC 2012-S63) C/2012 S1 (ISON)
(MPEC 2013-V45) P/2013 V3 (Nevski)
Class of small planets in the Solar System, moving between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune.
We have assisted in discovering centaur 013 UL10.
Near-Earth asteroids
We have assisted in discovering 4 near-Earth asteroids:
(MPEC 2011-Q51) 2011 QY37
(MPEC 2012-S16) 2012 RQ16
(MPEC 2013-T86) 2013 TB80
(MPEC 2014-K23) 2014 KH2

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