Space Situational Awareness Center

All-in-one solution for space traffic management and monitoring

What SSA Center does

Assessment and prediction of the near-Earth space situation

Control of satellite constellation, anti-satellite, anti-ballistic, and strike means

Space objects catalogue maintenance

Identification and determination of destination, launch, ownership, maneuver, deorbiting; determination and refinement of orbit parameters

Ensuring the space activities safety

Orbits situation assessment, prediction of dangerous approaches with other satellites and space debris

Satellites status assessment in regular situations and emergencies

Collection of information about status and changes in the space situation around the satellites

National SSA/SST system development

Training local specialists to manage all the processes

Benefits with EOS CoLiTec's SSA Center

Advanced accuracy
2400 m – NORAD
At least 200 m – CoLiTec Forecast for a week
Even the smallest debris
At least 0.1 m² objects tracking in GEO

Impartial highly-precise data
Own solid data for you and your partners

All-in-one solution
Optics, software, coaching, and support

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