You can perform the visual continuously GEO tracking in LookSky if you have a long series of the GEO frames processed by the CoLiTec software. That’s why the object’s inner id changing does not create any problems with trajectory confusion.

A series of the continuous GEO observations for 1.5 hours

But usually, GEO observations are several short series snapped with an interval of several hours…

The observer has the opportunity to merge the object (trajectory segments from the different series) to the common object (common trajectory) in LookSky. Just use the “Merge objects” tool in the “Manager of objects” window, but be warned to prevent a serious mistake!

For example, the first idea could be merging objects (trajectory sections) “2&6”.

But if you estimate RMS for azimuth (rmsra) and declination (rmsde), you could see that RMS of the merging result “2&6” significantly exceeds rmsra and rmsda separately for objects “2” or “6”. More RMS calculation information for each frame can be received by “Analysis” tool. That’s why merging of “2&6” objects is a wrong choice.

Try to merge the objects (trajectory sections) “2&7”.

And you will see that the RMS values (rmsra and rmsda) for the merging result are comparable with ones for the objects “2” or “7”. Therefore, the combination “2&7” is the right choice.

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