Dear astronomer!

EOS-CoLiTec project has prepared for you the CoLiTec service for the frames processing of telescopes with any characteristics.
Satellite project CoLiTecSAT automatically detects the geostationary satellites (GEO), low-earth orbit (LEO) and medium-earth orbit (MEO) satellites with the predefined TLE. It is possible to detect any other satellites without TLE in the autopilot mode (observer selects only 2 first marks in frames).
Our CoLiTec project is famous at the market of automated asteroid detection software. Using it more than 1.5 thousands of asteroids and 4 comets were discovered. There is an upgraded asteroid project CoLiTecAS in the current release.
We’ve prepared two applications with GUI to start the processing:
a) CoLiTec Manager (section 7 of the user guide) allows loading for processing in one project some separate already formed frames’ folders (series) simultaneously each with its own configuration file. It is important that CoLiTec Manager can process frames that formed by telescopes to the common folder in “real-time” mode;