Open series in LookSky

To open (load) series in LookSky do the following actions: Start the LookSky program; Activate the “File” -> “Open series …” main menu item (or the “Open series …” control in the “Manager of Survey” window) and select the directory with the processed series; Look at the process of loading frames; Activate the first frame of series by confirmation; Inspect detected objects in the “Manager of Objects” window.

Merge of objects (trajectories) in LookSky

To merge the several trajectories of satellites into the one, select several objects in the «Manager of objects» window and press the «Merge objects» button. Next, you will be prompted to select a file with TLE-records of the investigated object for the initial approximation. Close this window or press «Cancel» button, if there is no such file. Wait for completion of the RMS calculation of a new merged trajectory and decide whether to create it Read more…

GIF animation in LookSky

If you want to share information about your observation, you can use LookSky for the gif animation creation from your series of FITS frames. There are only four simple steps: Load your series of frames into LookSky; Set the “Image view” window parameters for the finding an interesting scene in the frame; Start blinking and check other frames in the series; Press the button “Save image as → GIF: region of window scene”. And here Read more…

FrameSmooth processing result

Raw and processed by FrameSmooth frames, cross section of frames diagonally and brightness histogram of background pixels of the original and processed frames. Brightness RMS of background pixels is 111,37 ADU (raw frame) and 27,6 ADU (frame processed by FrameSmooth).