This is a fresh example of the detection of objects with a near-zero apparent motion in a series of CCD-frames in automated mode by the CoLiTec software.

The series consists of 9 continuously frames with size of 8176 х 6132 pixels, the pixel scale is 1.25”/pix., the field of view of the telescope is 170 x 127 arcmin, the exposure time is 90 sec.

As shown in the pictures below the quality of raw frames is not so good and there are a lot of defects, but the CoLiTec software has successfully performed the brightness alignment, identification and detection of the objects.

Because of the small time between frames in the series (only exposure time) almost all detected objects have a near-zero apparent motion about 0.3 pixels per frame.

Detection of the 38219 asteroid
Detection of the 51996 asteroid
Detection of the 92270 asteroid
Detection of the 97439 asteroid

The CoLiTec software has detected such objects using the special computational method developed by the team. More details about it is in the article “A method of immediate detection of objects with a near-zero apparent motion in series of CCD-frames” in “Astronomy & Astrophysics” journal (Impact Factor: 5.6).

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